Higher Education

Canterbury understands the complex issues trustees face, and how those issues inform investment decisions. We help colleges and universities balance the drivers of long-term stability with the short-term realities of unstable funding that may hamper the ability to expand student services or recruit high-caliber staff. We help navigate operating budgets, plan for fluctuating donations, implement socially responsible investing, adhere to American Institute of Certified Public Accountants standards, and calibrate to changes in the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI).

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Community Foundations

Canterbury collaborates with community foundations to provide efficient investment options and transparency to their donor bases. Because many communities are populated with nonprofits that have small bases of capital, community foundations are critical for alleviating the operational burden of administering, investing, and distributing donor funds. We develop solutions that include custom investment options, social or program-related investments, and reporting solutions that help make donations and reporting more attractive to potential donors.

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Canterbury partners with health-related nonprofits ranging from community hospitals to research institutions. Changing regulations, shifting demographics, and donor fatigue add to the challenges such organizations face. We help manage complex capital pools, bond issuance proceeds, and pension, foundation, long-term reserve, and excess operating funds. Canterbury understands that healthcare entities have multiple needs, both short- and long-term, and helps them address the many layered and competing priorities that affect their investment decisions.

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Independent Schools

Canterbury understands that nonprofit schools face challenges unique to their communities. Donors and trustees are often engaged for only short periods of time before their children move on; such turnover can weaken governance continuity. We partner with client staff to alleviate the investment burden of managing a sophisticated portfolio and to help schools navigate the fiscal effects of fundraising volatility, accreditation, and regulatory changes. Our goal is to provide the support and continuity that can help schools achieve and maintain financial strength.

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Individuals & Family Offices

Canterbury understands that, much like our institutional clients, families and individuals often need outsourced reporting, administrative, and back-office functions. We tailor our services to extend and complement existing resources, if any, providing the same unbiased, customized investment research and advice that our institutional clients receive. We also assist with family governance structuring, financial stewardship training for future generations, and strategic giving plans that include measuring the client’s philanthropic impact.

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Religious Organizations

Canterbury partners with religious organizations ranging from schools to foundations that support a specific group or following. We help these clients integrate their missions and beliefs into their investment portfolios, whether by excluding certain investments or directing support or investment to specific countries or causes. Our team provides education and transparency to trustees and staff, so that they can communicate the value and performance of their customized investment programs to their constituents.

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Arts & Cultural Foundations

Canterbury partners with arts and culture nonprofits that range from nationally recognized museums and theaters to regional and local creativity-supporting foundations. As cultural institutions are often more acutely affected by waning donor support during times of economic weakness, we work closely with both financial and development staff to support their operational needs as well as their fundraising.

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