Outsourced & Discretionary Management

Canterbury partners with clients on a full discretionary basis, in which clients delegate more of the day-to-day management of investment portfolios to us. For our outsourced CIO (OCIO) service, we use the same tools we have always used with clients, creating custom portfolios with a collaborative investment process and client-focused manager solutions. We are simply doing so on a discretionary basis.



With our holistic approach, we go further than other consultants.

We believe that each client is unique, and is most likely to achieve investment objectives with a customized investment plan that takes into account factors beyond the investment itself. We immerse ourselves in a thorough discovery process to understand each client’s specific challenges, successes, and future goals. This is a critical step toward developing a successful partnership.

We then collaborate with each client to create an investment policy statement that clearly defines the client’s objectives, and ensures they are aligned with the client’s mission. We also clearly define our role as a co-fiduciary and the responsibilities of both the client and Canterbury.



We partner with investment committees and trustees to define objectives, identify constraints, and build guidelines for each client’s customized portfolio. As a result, our discretionary clients play a crucial role in policy development; outsourcing does not remove our client’s control. Then, using the same tools and experience that we use with advisory clients to create custom portfolios, we tailor each outsourced portfolio to our client's unique objectives and risk tolerance.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our investment process takes everything we've gleaned from the discovery process and marries it with the expertise of our investment professionals to deliver a solution designed solely with the individual client’s objectives in mind.



In a discretionary or OCIO partnership, the client delegates all day-to-day management and back-office implementation to Canterbury as co-fiduciary, freeing them of related paperwork. Our team works to address manager changes, allocation rebalances, or other issues, all within the parameters of the client’s policy statement. We communicate such changes and provide regular reports to each client, as required.

Most clients choose our discretionary services to allow decision-makers and staff to focus on high-level policy decisions, and on achieving the organization’s mission.