Our Approach

Strategic Shifts

Our clients know that when we recommend a strategic portfolio shift, we do so with their best interests in mind. Excess portfolio activity is counterproductive; we counsel our clients to maintain long-term discipline with respect to asset allocation and rebalancing. Yet world markets offer changing opportunities and risks by their natures. This is why we believe in a balance of opportunity with stability, and recommend well-thought strategic portfolio shifts.

Unlike short-term tactical shifts, strategic shifts have a three- to five-year lifespan; they complement long-term discipline. We recommend strategic shifts when we see compelling economic or market conditions. These opportunities typically fit into two buckets: a market dislocation that provides an opportunity, or the opposite—the removal or reduction of risk for an area that is likely at the end of a cycle or has seen significant appreciation.

We take pride in being transparent to our clients and prospective clients; to that end, we have highlighted our recent shifts in the traditional and alternative asset classes.